Fun Things From My Scroll Saw

Welcome to my simple website!

After over 30 years as a Software Engineer life intervened. I did different things for a few years and then the Pandemic hit. Now I'm sitting in my garage at my scroll saw making fun things, mostly hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles.

My Etsy shop is also called ScrollRight Just click the name to go right there. One note: Etsy will always show the price of the lowest priced varation rather than the price of the lowest priced one in stock. Sorry about that. You can, of course, order that lowest priced version. If you order the size and style of what I have ready to ship I assume that's what you want. If you want one like that but made for you be sure to let me know.

If you want to get in touch with me you can either message me through Etsy or hit me directly via (image to cut down on spam)

Something new I've started doing: Scroll Saw Scenes and Portraits

I have a number of puzzles all made up and ready to ship or I can make a puzzle especially for you. Wooden puzzles seem like they're expensive but they aren't the kind that you do once and be done. Divide the price just by the number of times you do the puzzle and it's quite affordable. By the time your grandchildren are adults and still doing them they're practically free.

If you want a custom puzzle I do those too. Just contact me via Etsy and start a Custom Order.

I've recently re-named my cutting styles.
What I was calling 'Regular' is now 'Grid'. This is a puzzle cut on a rectangular grid like a store-bought puzzle.

What I was calling 'Tricky' is now 'Freestyle'. This is where I cut the pieces in whatever shape they happen to come out in. It leads to a much more interesting puzzle and allows me to control the level of difficulty. The 'eared' interlocks I use (also called 'hearts' or 'butterflies') can be split in half to make the puzzle more fun. I can cut along color lines. Bascially, there are a lot of evil things I can do to make the puzzle more challenging. By default I shoot for a balance between challenging and fun but when you order a puzzle you can tell me to make it easier or harder.

'Tiny Pieces' is unchanged. This is, IMHO, the hardest of the styles. Pretty much all of the pieces are the same shape and size (I cut by hand with no templates or computer help so there are variations). But they're about a third smaller than normal pieces so there are a lot of them and no piece really shows much image. Because there are so many more pieces this style is also the most expensive. Cutting a piece takes about the same amount of time regardless of the size so extra pieces means extra time and time is money. With Tiny Pieces I do not include any figurals - the whimsically shaped pieces you'll see in the other styles.

For those of you who like to frame your puzzles I've written a tutorial on a non-damaging way to frame a jigsaw puzzle

The links below will take you to my shop, a page about the background of jigsaw puzzles, the process by which I cut a puzzle, the actual details of the process, and more.

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