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Scenes & Portraits

Having decided that hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles aren't tedious enough I've now started doing scroll saw scenes and portraits. In both cases you turn an image into line art cut into wood. In my case I start from a photo, do the work to turn it into a pattern, and then carve it through the wood, a process that involves drilling a hole and threading the blade up through each of the black lines

If you want to get in touch with me you can either message me through my ScrollRight Etsy shop or hit me directly via (image to cut down on spam)

In addition to doing scenes you can also do portraits this way. I've only started doing this recently so right now my examples are all pets. Here are my brother's dogs, cut into the same wood I use for puzzles:

These are, of course, a pure custom item so ordering one is a bit more involved than the usual Etsy purchase. First, contact me either via Etsy message or email. I'll need to know how large you want the final product (I can do up to 13x19) and if you want it on basic wood like I use for the puzzles or on 'good' wood or 'better' wood. 'Good' wood is heavier piece of a nice hardwood and 'better' wood is a piece of a live-edge slab. The price goes up with the more expensive wood choices, but not hugely because you're mostly paying the time it takes to do this.

Portraits are taking me about two days, scenes can take much longer due to the greater detail.

Once we've worked out what I'm going to do, made sure I have a suitable image to start from, and figured out the price, if things still look good I'll set up a Custom order item in Etsy for you and we can get started.

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