"Your Guns Won't Protect You"


It always happens when a pro-gun person debates an anti-gun person. Sooner or later the anti-gun person is apparently compelled to say "your guns won't protect you".

Generally this is in a context of a government confiscation, possibly during talk about licensing / registration, sometimes when discussing raids made with what appears to be excessive force. Sometimes it's as simple as answering a "Why do you need that?" with "For when they come to take it away."

Regardless, there's a common belief among the gunnies that their weapons could have to be used against elements of their own government and a corresponding belief among the antis that such a thought is ridiculous at best.

In many ways the antis are right - my home may be my castle but it's not the best of forts. Even if I'm forewarned and get everything laid out a team of 10 - 20 is going to beat me. Odds are they'll wind up a much smaller team, but they will 'win'.

But that's not really relevant.

If I'm taking on the government on my own it's not a revolution. It might be a lot of things, ranging all the way from 'lone nutjob' through 'crazed cult' to 'glorious martyr' but it's not a revolution.

If I'm part of a small group it's still not a revolution although it could work its way up to 'insurrection'.

It's only when there are a lot of people willing to take up arms against their government that it becomes a revolution.

And that's when my few weapons become significant. Can I stop a tank? Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not with what I currently have. But I've got friends. Lots of friends. Some of whom have interesting toys. Mostly I have knowledge of lots of nasty tricks, some of which will stop a tank.

It's those friends that count the most though. As I said, it's not a revolution until a significant population is involved, and as long as that population is armed roughly the same as the average infantry soldier then we've got a (literally) fighting chance.

So I freely admit it: you're right when you tell me that my guns won't protect me from the government.

But you should be glad I have them because they will (and do) protect you.

Copyright © 2009 Steven L. Van Dyke, all rights reserved

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