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The 7/7 attacks in London have woken up all of the folks who've let 9/11 and 3/11 slip from their minds. My wife holds the same opinion of the people who did this as a lot of other folks – “Kill them all!”. I actually agree with this sentiment, but not with the simple way most folks want to do it.

If the world's enemy was a nation-state then we could use the old fashioned ways to deal with them. A country of 'Al-Queda' would have been turned to glowing glass several years ago. In this case our enemy is a small and deranged group hiding amongst a mass of relatively innocent civilians. There are only two ways to deal with this sort. You either have to go in and root them out, or you have to find a way to get them to come to you. The Coalition strategy in Iraq appears to be a quite effective combination of these two strategies.

However, direct action can only deal with the current 'crop' of these scum. It's like swatting a mosquito. That one's dead but there are many more out there just waiting to grow up and come out for blood.

The mosquito is a good analogy for the actions we need to take. Hosing down the area with something toxic that will kill everything in it is not a viable option so how else can we deal with this issue? By eliminating their habitat! For mosquitoes you drain the swamps and dump out all those pockets of standing water they need to reproduce.

For Islamic extremists we need to eliminate not only the Madrasas that fill young heads with hatred and insanity, we need to eliminate the society that allows them to exist. This means getting rid of the theocracies and dictatorships that litter much of the Muslim world and replacing them with some form of democratic government. As Iraq is showing, this is neither an easy nor a pleasant task. As this latest attack has shown, it is a necessary one.

Of course, not all of the problems are in the Muslim countries. There are mosques all over the world, almost all of which are filled with faithful followers of the religion of peace. Here in our own homelands we must root out those sick souls who twist and corrupt these teachings until one is either one of the faithful – and specifically their particular version of the faithful – or an infidel who must be killed. If changing Muslim societies is ‘draining the swamp’ then cleaning out the hate groups hiding amongst us is like policing up the stagnant water in old tires and debris around our homes – a vital adjunct to our campaign to defeat our enemy.

This ‘habitat elimination’ will cost us much, and the bill will be paid in more than time and money. We’ve paid, and will continue to pay, in our blood as well. But then again, if we fail in our task, they’ll take not only our blood, but our grandchildren’s as well. To the terrorists I say, if you tell me that one of us must die for your beliefs, don’t be surprised when I decide it should be you.


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