A 'Fatweh' On The Uncivilized.

Copyright 2001 Steven L. Van Dyke, all rights reserved


Osama Bin Laden, the man currently believed to be behind the attacks against the United States on September 11th, 2001 has always claimed that he does not order such actions. He 'merely' analyzed the situation as he saw it and decided that it was the religious duty of all true believers to destroy America and all of its works. He published a 'fatweh' ? a religious edict ? to this effect. As far as those who believe what he said are concerned, they are fighting against the ultimate evil and the normal rules no longer apply.

As a civilized man I have analyzed the situation and have decided that it is the duty of every civilized person to destroy terrorists and all of their works. This is akin to a holy war and the rules suitable for dealing with a civilized adversary do not apply.

Yes, our military will strike at their persons, as they have struck at ours. Unlike them we will weep for the innocents that will inevitably be caught up in consequences of our fury, but we will strike nonetheless.

But we must do more than this, and more of us must take part. If you consider yourself a civilized human, than I call upon you to do your absolute duty to civilization and help stamp out all terrorists, wherever and whoever they may be.

If you work for a bank that has accounts used by a terrorist organization, seek to have the assets frozen.

If you work for a news organization, consider each news item carefully. If you release this information now, you will be ahead of your competition, but will you also be alerting our enemies to the hammer blow about to befall them?

If your country is harboring terrorists, press your government to cast them out, if for no other reason than to help you and yours avoid being caught by the attacks that will surely be coming.

And as I said, this applies to all terrorists everywhere. If you live in Northern Ireland and your brother carries a grudge from centuries gone, is he working to resolve it in a civilized manner, or is he among the fallen?

If you are in the military, is your government respecting the basic rights of its citizens or are you being used as a tool of oppression?

Those who have chosen not to live a civilized life must be cast utterly out of the civilized world. If they want to act like beasts and settle their grievances by tooth and nail, then let them live as beasts. Take away their money, their vehicles, their houses. Let them live by what they can grow and gather with their own hands, and live in the shelters they can contrive. Send them from our cities into the darkness they propound.

Like the animals they have chosen to emulate, we will still welcome into our hearts and homes those that come to us unless they have struck against us. Just as we will hunt down and destroy an animal that has attacked humans, so too will we hunt down those who have struck against us.

This is not a matter of religion, or nation, or race, or even family. This is the struggle of civilization itself. We have tried to allow others to live as they will, while holding out our hand to help them join us. Unfortunately not only do they not want to join us, they're striving to destroy us. My charge to you is this: from this day forward you must strive to spread Civilization and eliminate the Uncivilized. It is no longer a choice for us, but a requirement for all who believe.


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