It's Not A Tragedy

Copyright 2001 Steven L. Van Dyke, all rights reserved


I keep hearing people talking about "the recent tragedy in New York." I'm sorry, but that bothers me. What happened in New York on September 11th, 2001 was not a tragedy it was a crime and a particularly heinous one at that.

A tragedy would have been a commercial pilot having a heart attack and hitting the tower. Slitting throats so you can deliberately fly a plane full of civilians into a building full of civilians is a war crime.

Another small thing relating to the attack: have you noticed that almost all attention and discussion is about the attack on the World Trade Center? I feel that this is because the attack on the Pentagon, as well as the stymied attack on the White House or Capitol can be seen as almost legitimate. The use of civilian aircraft with civilian passengers is totally unforgivable, of course, but the actual targets can be seen as military objectives. After all, if we were in the midst of a 'normal' war all three structures would be considered targets. But a completely civilian complex such as the World Trade Center has never been an acceptable target. That's what has roused the anger of the civilized world, and why this attack will never be forgiven.

So please don't trivialize or excuse what was done by calling it a tragedy. Call it the heinous crime it was.


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