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The 2002 Winter Olympics Torch Passes Through KC

The 2002 Winter Olympics Torch Passes Through KC

The Olympic Torch swung through Kansas City on its way to the 2002 Winter Olympics. Due to three bits of good fortune I was able to get some pictures of it. First, it passed right in front of the building where I work. Second, it was an amazing (for January) 50 degrees F. And third, I managed to get far enough ahead on my work to have the time to go get the pictures.

I wanted to get the handoff of the flame but unfortunately I missed that. I knew they were doing it at the intersection of 9th & Central but there are actually two intersections (Central jogs to the side) and I picked the wrong one. All I got of the incoming torch bearer were a couple shots of him running back off of the bus to get his torch back from his family.

My wife didn't get to see the torch go by so we went down to the big ceremony on the Country Club Plaza. On the way we had to stop while the torch passed along a street just a few cars in front of us. That gave my wife a good view of it being run and of the flame being passed.

Once on the Plaza I dropped her off by the main stage and went and set up on a rooftop. You see, I knew there were going to be fireworks, and I love fireworks.

After the torch came in they had a nice ceremony I was too far away to photograph and a lovely, although short, fireworks display. I finished the roll in my camera with a few more Plaza Lights shots just for good luck.

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The Hoopla Approaches



The Torch Downtown




The Torch on The Plaza

The Fireworks!







The Plaza Lights


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